The Hidden Life

J R Miller

J R Miller writes that the dragonfly is born at the bottom of the pond, and for a time lives there in the darkness and mud. It does not know of anything better ‒ that there is a higher sphere where insects and other creatures have wings and fly in glorious freedom in the sunny air.

But one day there comes a wondrous change. This dragonfly of the darkness and the mud now breathes heaven’s sweet air. It has wings, and the lovely creature soars aloft. It is dead to its old life in the ooze, and lives now in the brightness and the fragrance of the fields and gardens. This is a picture of the new life in Jesus to which human souls may rise.

The chapters in this short book have their message to some who are striving to live near the heart of Jesus. It is the hidden life that makes the character. What we are in the depths of our being, where no human eye can penetrate, we are actually as God sees us. This inner life will ultimately work its way through to the surface, transforming the character into its own quality. Nothing can be more important, therefore, than that the hidden life be true, pure, beautiful, and Christlike.

eBook ISBN: 978-1-913950-22-4

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