Going Forward in Joy

JR Miller

While we live we must be moving on. When we stop we begin to die. Rest is necessary, but only to renew our strength that we may press on again. An anchor is needful for a ship, but anchoring is not a ship’s business ‒ it is built for sailing. We are made for struggle and effort, not for ease and loitering.

Yet, far more earnestly than we know, God wants us to be happy. It grieves a true human father to see his children unhappy. Our Heavenly Father is pained and disappointed when his children on the earth are discontented and anxious, or when they do not rejoice.

But joy is deeper than happiness. Happiness is the fruit of good fortune, of favorable circumstances. Joy is independent of circumstances. It dwells in the heart, a fountain which never fails. Happiness laughs when the sun shines but grows sad when clouds gather. Joy sings on in all weathers and in all experiences.

This book is a call to move forward in our faith and in our lives in joy, in Christian joy that will bring joy and encouragement in others.

eBook ISBN: 978-1-913950-07-1

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