Peace Beside Still Waters

23rd Psalm

JR Miller

Do all Christians possess peace? Have all taken into their heart and life this blessing bequeathed to them by the Master? How many of us really know the peace of Jesus today? How many of us lived in the peace of Jesus the past week? How many of us are kept in perfect peace through all the circumstances and experiences of our changeful lives?

What is wrong? Is the gospel really not what it claims to be? Are the blessings it promises only lovely dreams which never are fulfilled, which cannot be fulfilled? Is grace not able to help us to the attainment of peace? The Bible is full of great words like rest, joy, peace, love, hope. Are these words only illusions? Or can these beautiful things be attained? Do Christians as a rule expect to get these divine qualities into their lives in this present world?

eBook ISBN: 978-1-913950-03-3

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