The Secret of Gladness

JR Miller

Gladness is God’s ideal for his children. He means us to be sunny-faced and happy-hearted. He does not wish us to be heavy and sad. He has made the world full of beauty and full of music. The mission of the gospel is to start songs wherever it goes. Its keynote is joy ‒ good tidings of great joy to all people. We are commanded to rejoice always.

This does not mean the Christian’s life is exempt from trouble, pain, and sorrow. The gospel does not give us a new set of conditions with the hard things left out. The Christian’s home is not sheltered from life’s storms any more than is the unbeliever’s home. God does not give gladness to his children by making them incapable of suffering. This would be to make them incapable also of joy, for sorrow and joy come on the same stalk. But the gladness of the Christian faith is something which lies too deep to be disturbed by the waves and tides of earthly trouble. It has its source in the very heart of God. Another encouraging book from JR Miller, one of White Tree Publishing’s favourite authors.

eBook ISBN: 978-1-913950-02-6

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