Secrets of Happy Home Life

JR Miller

What lies ahead for the newly married couple on the cover of this book? Will they have children and live a happy, fulfilled life? Can there be such a thing as the truly happy family? Such a family may be the exception, but is God content with a Christian home where there are constant upsets and quarrels? Is there a good way to live, according to New Testament teaching? This short book, written in 1894, is a surprisingly modern look at Christian family life. JR Miller shows how Paul’s teaching on the duties of husband and wife can produce harmony, although he says many have misunderstood this teaching and taken it to unbalanced, unscriptural extremes, causing tension or even an impossible relationship. It is clear that in a Christian family, not only the parents, but the child, or children, have a vital role to play in creating a happy home life.

JR Miller writes: “This book may come into the hands of some whose home happiness has been shattered. ... It would be a comfort to the author if these simple words should put fresh hope into a discouraged heart, and thus be the hand to help restore the home to its true place.”

eBook ISBN: 978-1-912529-16-2

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