Kicks Tricks and Danger

A Button Up Detective Agency Cozy Mystery #4

A slightly darker spin-off from the 6 Abi Button Cozy Mystery Romances

Lizzie Lewis

Janika Jones’ early morning jog round the park, and her interview on local TV, lead to unexpected danger. Meanwhile, her relationship with Toby Walton proceeds well, until he shares more of his past life. Janika is concerned there may be a side to Toby that she hadn’t suspected, and she starts to feel uneasy. An elderly lady is being targeted by a conman, and Janika perhaps unwisely tells the lady to hand over the money as evidence of a crime. Young Liam Donovan goes with Janika on a stakeout as mother and son, with Janika wearing a ginger wig to avoid suspicion. She assures Melanie the boy will be completely safe. But at the crucial moment, Liam decides he’s going to be a hero. And of course the celebratory meal at Parke’s with Janika and Courtney Jacobs doesn’t go at all as planned. This is the fourth Button Up Detective Agency book featuring Janika Jones, and a few characters from the Abi Button Cozy Mystery series of six books.

eBook and paperback

eBook ISBN: 978-1-913950-55-2

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-913950-56-9

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Cards Shards and Danger

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Phones Bones and Danger

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