The Scarlet Clue

Silas K. Hocking

Rivals Arthur Teesdale and Douglas Grove start to fight over two young women. During the fight they fall off a small bridge in the Lake District, into a raging torrent. Neither young man is found, and both are presumed dead. An adopted girl seeks for information on her parents. Arthur Teesdale’s young sister, Hope, is kidnapped by a woman wearing a cloak with a scarlet hood, and imprisoned in a mental asylum in a remote German castle. In this adventure story, Silas K Hocking takes the reader on an exciting search for several missing people. Who is the mysterious Nan o’ the Fells? Can she be trusted? Jealousy starts to destroy lives, but true love will not be defeated. A full length adventure romance.

eBook only

ISBN: 978-1-912529-53-7

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