The Lost Lode

Silas K Hocking


n adventure romance, taking place in England in 1920. When Jasper Blake returns to the small Cornish mining village where he grew up, after making a fortune prospecting in America, he expects life to continue as it did before. To his surprise, many of the people he knew before he left 12 years ago have either died or moved, and there is no one to welcome him. Susie Bassett is one of the few people who eventually recognise him. He had only just turned eighteen and Susie Bassett was twenty-two, but she seemed to him the most wonderful creature that ever breathed. For nearly a year he lived in paradise, and then she married Jim Soper, a farmer who had lost his wife six months previously and who wanted a second Mrs. Soper to take her place. Then ... A week after his arrival he had met his old sweetheart Susie ‒ now the mother of five children ‒ and he received a shock that almost stunned him. At first he did not recognise her. It seemed incredible that this shapeless and uncomely woman was the adorable creature he had worshipped in his youth.

Then Jasper sees this advertisement: Rotherick Grange. To be Let Furnished. Apply to Sleeman & Trapp Solicitors, St. Ivel. Money is no object. He knows that however long he lives he will never be able to spend the vast fortune he made in America. A large country house with servants will be a new experience. It is only when he moves in that he becomes painfully aware of the gulf between the gentry and the educated working man. Sir Wilfrid Courtney, the owner of Rotherick Grange has a young daughter, Enid. Jasper learns that Sir Wilfrid is in major debt to Leopold Strauss, an unpleasant man who is planning to get his hands on Enid Courtney, even though she dislikes him intensely. Sir Wilfrid’s only hope of keeping Rotherick Grange is to find a valuable lode of tin in a mine on his estate (the Lost Lode), or offer Enid to Strauss in marriage in return for being freed from the debt. And Leopold Strauss’ only hope of marrying Enid is to call in the debt before the lode is found. When Jasper hears of this, he knows that even though Enid would not so much as consider him as a husband, he must at all costs stop Straus carrying out his plan, for Enid deserves better. Much better.

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ISBN: 978-1-912529-45-2

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