Samuel to Solomon

In Simple Paraphrase

With Helpful Explanations

Chris Wright

There’s much more to the story of Samuel than knowing that he was a boy in the Tabernacle who heard God calling him. There’s a lot more about King Saul that we don’t hear as children.

There’s much more to the story of David than knowing that he was a shepherd boy who killed Goliath, became king, and wrote some of the Psalms.

And Solomon? Yes, the wisest king ever. He met the Queen of Sheba, but does he really stay wise right to the end of his life? Why do the tribes of the children of Israel divide into two hostile kingdoms after his death?

These accounts are told in separate books in the Bible: the two Books of Samuel, the two Books of Kings, and the two Books of Chronicles. The Books of Kings and Chronicles share many of the same events, with the scribes in Kings writing from the perspective of the prophets, and the scribes in Chronicles writing mostly about the royal line in Jerusalem from the perspective of the priests.

This White Tree Publishing Paraphrase combines many of the major – and minor – events from these separate Books in a straightforward retelling verse by verse of the Bible account in simple English, in the order in which the events occur. Many verses and chapters have been omitted to produce this abridged version.

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 ISBN: 978-1-913950-80-4

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