Deeper Experiences

of Famous Christians

James Gilchrist Lawson

A selection of accounts of the lives Christian evangelists of the past, gleaned from their biographies, autobiographies and writings by J. Gilchrist Lawson. These evangelists had one thing in common: after their conversion they needed a Pentecostal experience, a filling of the Holy Spirit before they could work effectively and face the storms, bringing thousands, tens of thousands and in some cases hundreds of thousands to come to Christ in their speaking alone. It is estimated that no less than a hundred million people heard the gospel from DL Moody’s lips, and many millions more were -- and still are -- being reached through the books written by some of the people we read about here. White Tree Publishing has taken and abridged a selection from Gilchrist’s original work, detailing the lives of some well-known evangelists, and some who are less well-known to today’s readers. Most people have heard of Bunyan, Wesley and Moody, but how about Christmas Evans? Gilchrist writes in a lively style, bringing us these Godly people from the past to encourage us today, with emphasis on their dependence on the power of the Holy Spirit in all they did.

eBook ISBN: 978-1-912529-15-5

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