The Law and the Covenant


The Treasure Within

Cuthbert H Dawkins

This book is in two parts. The Law and the Covenant and The Treasure Within.

The Law and the Covenant: The picture of the ‘law’ to an old Englishman might be a policeman with his half-egg shaped helmet, holding a truncheon. To a scientist ‘law’ might be a delight, the unchanging foundation of everything he sees – the certainties of his profession. To a Bible reading person ‘law’ might be something in between these two ‒ something both discouraging and encouraging. This is because people like to flout moral and spiritual laws, and especially if they see little immediate evidence of the damage they are causing. But ruin abounds in the world and salvation is about God re-establishing life-giving order. This book is about the recorded chapters of that re-establishment of God’s laws and God’s achievement of a renewed and most loving relationship with people which He calls ‘covenant’.

The Treasure Within: The Holy Spirit is something like our wonderful capacity to heal. We cut a finger or break a bone and something in our bodies sets about a healing process. That is our physical inheritance. Our spiritual inheritance is similar. We have a new life in Christ and a new power within it to build and heal our spiritual life. This ‘Treasure’ is personal. It speaks to us in the language of Jesus. It is, of course, the Holy Spirit. But, further, it can break out as light for the world as illustrated by the story of Gideon.

eBook ISBN: 978-1-913950-91-0

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