The Book of Ruth

Chapter by Chapter


Diversity in Unity

Two Bible Studies by

Cuthbert H Dawkins

This book is in two parts. The first part is Ruth Chapter by Chapter. The book of Ruth is a delightful tale of redemption. Somebody under the guidance of the Holy Spirit was excited about the idea of a ‘redeemer’ and wrote the little book. Ruth, the main character, is redeemed. She was originally a long way from God but obeyed the promptings within her to stay with Naomi and go to the land where God the Saviour was known. Her bereaved and starving life was wonderfully saved, and she came into the long-term purposes of God, becoming an ancestor of the King ‒ both David and Jesus.

The second part is Diversity in Unity. Life-experience will have taught us that the subject of this study is impossible. Jesus prayed for it. It was of greater concern to Paul than the chains on his body. Where is the lowliness that is intelligent? Where is the matching power of God? Where is the life of Jesus growing again? Where is the Gospel for the world? Can we join with the praying of Jesus and with the striving of Paul for the unity of love?

eBook ISBN: 978-1-913950-93-4

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