The Upper Guest Room

 Henry Dening

The message Jesus wanted Peter and John to give to the mysterious carrier of the pitcher of was, “The Master says, Where is My guest room?” And the man at once shows the disciples where they and their Master are to eat the Passover. We must also notice a good trait in the character of the host. He cheerfully gives up his room for Jesus’ service.

Are we as ready always to give our Master room in our hearts, or to use the rooms in our house for His service and that of His disciples? How often we have plenty of room for mundane entertainment, but no room for a prayer meeting! How foolish and short-sighted we are! The former adds to the confusion of a house, the latter to its peace. The former adds to its dust, the latter to its cleansing.

eBook ISBN: 978-1-913950-57-6

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