Trust, Not Feelings!

Dwight L Moody

How many are kept back from Jesus because they think they do not have “the right kind of feelings”? Let feelings take care of themselves. Satan can change your feelings, and make you feel almost any way; but he cannot change the Word of God. If our feelings change, we know the Word of God is true; and it is a great deal better to build on God’s Word than it is to build upon the best of feelings.

Let us look closely at just one word ‒ TRUST. It means really the same as belief in, or faith in, the Lord Jesus Christ. Many people have been brought up to believe intellectually, and when we talk to them about faith they do not exactly understand what we mean. Perhaps, however, the use of this word ‒ Trust ‒ will help to make it plainer. The word “Believe” in the New Testament is the same as “Trust” in the Old Testament. Where it is “Believe, believe, believe,” in the New, it is “Trust, trust, trust!” in the Old. Some people get hold of that word “Trust” when they don’t understand what is meant by “believing in” the Lord Jesus Christ. It seems a simpler word, and is indeed a great help to faith.

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