Golden Doors

Margaret S Haycraft

Dr. Philip Lindsay is intrigued when two young women move into Limes Cottage ‒ attractive Apolline Wantage and her sister Dr. Clare Wantage. Dr. Wantage is seeking fame in the medical world, and Apolline is seeking a wealthy husband. Dr. Lindsay’s housekeeper, Mrs. Garrity, is adamant that Philip must not marry, and does her best to make sure he stays single.

Philip Lindsay does not take to the new doctor. He is in no mood for argument or disputation, and had he sooner perceived the approach of Dr. Wantage in her grey print and black ribbons, he would have risked trespassing over private grounds to avoid her. Here she is, bearing down upon him, however, her curly head even higher than usual.

Is there room for two medical doctors in Abbeydown? Can the two find some common interest in their duties to the village residents, or will Apolline and Mrs. Garrity come between them?

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eBook ISBN: 978-1-913950-28-6

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