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Fears Smears and Danger

Lizzie Lewis


Young Liam’s mother is trying to regain custody of her son, much to Melanie Upton’s distress. But when the boy goes missing after school, everyone fears the worst.

The landlord of The Three Horseshoes wants Janika to set up a hidden camera to catch the person he says is helping themselves the money from the till. And he seems to have someone in mind.

Piers Pillinger also goes missing, and Janika is sure it’s something to do with Humphrey Broxburn and his art gallery. Her creative investigation in the London West End quickly comes to the unwelcome attention of the Metropolitan Police, aka Scotland Yard.

Janika arrives home to find that someone is trying to wreck Bella Flores’ new florist business with offensive smears. Bella’s newly found twin brother is also missing. All this when Janika’s wedding to Toby is only a few weeks away.

eBook ISBN: 978-1-915671-05-9

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-915671-06-6

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