The One Great Reality

Louisa Clayton

Do you believe in God? Is He real to you? Here is one test. When you pray, do you experience His Presence? Is He so close to you that it is like speaking into His ear?? Louisa Clayton uses the example of the telephone, where we don’t speak until we know someone is listening on the other end. A modern example would be with the mobile, or cell phone, where we chat away, blissfully unaware that we have lost the signal and no one can hear us ‒ until we wait for a response. How can we know and experience the presence of God in our prayer time and in our daily lives?

This is a wonderful and challenging book for all of us who are seeking a closer experience of life with Jesus. Louisa Clayton has a direct and challenging way with her words, coupled with an understanding and sympathy that we don’t always get it right!

eBook ISBN: 978-1-913950-06-4

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