Sukey Harley

Jane Gilpin

A true story that will encourage everyone struggling at times in the Christian faith. Sukey Harley, Elizabeth Wallbridge the Dairyman’s Daughter, and Billy Bray of Cornwall have several things in common. They received little or no schooling. They had no interest in Christian teaching and mocked the faith, living what would be described as worldly lives. Sukey Harley and Elizabeth Wallbridge were invited to chapel by friends, and only went to make fun. Billy Bray found his faith through his wife, who had lost her Christian faith. Yet the Lord sought them out and called them to be great witnesses for Him. Without the help of Sukey’s friend, Jane Gilpin the Rector’s daughter, Sukey’s story would be unknown today. It’s a story that deserves to be told again and again. This White Tree Publishing Edition is illustrated throughout with paintings and photographs, old and new, and maps. It also has a detailed Appendix by a Pulverbatch resident, specially commissioned for this edition.

eBook ISBN: 978-1-912529-98-8

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