Merryn’s Meed

Eliza Kerr

In this short book, Merryn Maelling has been mistress of Maelling Manse ever since the death of her grandfather, nine years previously. Everyone knows that by the terms of her grandfather’s will, Maelling Manse, most of the village of Maelling, with many a fair acre round it, and a large property in South America, is hers.

After her mother’s death, an aunt comes to live in Maelling Manse, a kind-hearted, happy-tempered old lady, who thinks her niece the best and most beautiful girl in the world.

There is also another relative who regards Maelling Manse as his home. This is handsome, lazy, art-loving Eustace Hamilton.

It had been her grandfather’s wish that Merryn should accept Eustace Hamilton for a husband when they both attain the age of twenty-five. This is a story of love and betrayal as Merryn struggles with forgiveness and pride.

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ISBN: 978-1-912529-59-9

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