Finding God’s Comfort

The Life of Job

Twin Edition: ASV and ESV

JR Miller

It is clear from the Bible that God’s people are not always spared from suffering. If they were, the churches would not be able to cope with the vast numbers of people wanting to become Christians to avoid suffering! In this book, JR Miller takes a look at the life of Job and unmerited suffering.

Miller writes, “We must be careful never to misrepresent God. We must be careful not to profess to be his interpreters, telling others what God means, why he does this or that, lest we speak of him the thing that is not right. The friends of Job made that mistake. They thought they understood God’s meaning and purposes in Job’s trials, and they pressed the thoughts upon the suffering man, adding to his pain and grief. But they had spoken about that of which they knew nothing and had done only harm.”

Like a loving father holding his child’s hand, God leads Job through the darkness into his light. Miller concludes this short book of four chapters by saying, “We do not find comfort by staying in the darkness of our own grief, by thinking only of it. We must forget ourselves and begin to serve others, and seek their good, before we can find the light of God’s comfort. Selfishness in sorrow is selfishness, and selfishness in any form misses God’s blessing. We begin to find joy only when in self forgetfulness we begin to help others.”

There are two versions in this book. Version 1 is slightly updated wording in places, with Miller’s original quotations from the American Standard Version of the Bible ‒ the ASV.

Version 2 also has slightly updated wording in places, and quotations from the modern English Standard Version ‒ the ESV.

Added in both versions are chapter and verse reference to all Miller’s quotations from Scripture, both for the Book of Job and other Books in the Old and New Testament, so the reader can look up the verses in a Bible version of their choice.

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ISBN: ISBN: 978-1-912529-61-2

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