The Dairyman’s Daughter

A True Story of Great Faith

Legh Richmond

A moving and true account of the short life of Elizabeth Wallbridge, the daughter of a dairyman on the Isle of Wight in England. The story starts when Elizabeth contacts Rev. Legh Richmond to arrange the funeral of her sister. Elizabeth and Rev. Legh Richmond soon become close spiritual acquaintances, exchanging many letters, with the vicar making frequent visits to Elizabeth and her parents. We read here of Elizabeth Wallbridge’s conversion in a Methodist Chapel where she only went to mock the congregation, her immediate desire to share the Gospel of salvation with family and friends, and her amazing faith that was severely tested in her final illness. This edition has been sensitively abridged to keep the story of the Dairyman’s daughter moving. The letters are reproduced exactly from the original book, and which were independently checked for the first publication to ensure that they were genuine, although (unfortunately) corrected here by Legh Richmond for grammar and spelling before publication.

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 ISBN: 978-1-912529-31-5

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